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Keeping Their Love Close: Finding the Perfect Cremation Urn for Couples

Cremation Urns for Couples: Finding the Perfect Memorial

When a loved one passes away, we all want to honor their memory and keep them close to our hearts. Cremation urns for couples offer a meaningful and beautiful way to do just that.

Whether you are planning for yourself and your partner or choosing an urn for a loved one who has recently passed, there are several important factors to consider before making a decision.


One of the first things to consider when choosing a cremation urn for couples is the capacity. Companion urns are specifically designed to hold the ashes of two individuals, and it is crucial to find one with an industry-standard capacity.

Typically, a companion urn should have a capacity of at least 400 cubic inches. This allows for the ashes of both individuals to be comfortably placed within the urn, providing a lasting tribute to their bond.

Double urns are another option to consider, offering two separate compartments within one vessel.


In addition to capacity, the size of the cremation urn is an important consideration. The outside physical dimensions of the urn will determine where it can be placed, whether it be in a niche at a mausoleum or buried in a vault.

It is essential to carefully measure the available space before selecting an urn. Additionally, personal preference plays a role in choosing the size of the urn.

Some people prefer a smaller, more discreet urn, while others may opt for a larger, more prominent display. Consider the dimensions and your loved one’s personality when making this decision.


Wood cremation urns for couples offer a warm and natural feel. They are often handcrafted with high-quality materials, ensuring a lasting and beautiful memorial.

The natural grain and variation in wood make each urn unique, reflecting the individuality of the individuals it holds.

Wood urns come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your loved ones.

Whether you prefer a traditional design or a more modern style, wood urns offer a timeless elegance.


For a more timeless and durable option, consider stone cremation urns for couples. Cultured marble, granite, and onyx urns offer a wide range of choices.

These materials are not only visually appealing but also affordable and highly durable.

Stone urns can be engraved with personal messages or artwork, adding a personalized touch to the memorial.

Many stone urns also come with the option of a burial vault, providing additional protection for the ashes. In conclusion, choosing the right cremation urn for couples is a deeply personal and meaningful decision.

Taking into account the capacity, size, and materials available can help in finding the perfect memorial to honor your loved ones. Whether you opt for the warmth and natural feel of wood or the timeless elegance of stone, these choices can offer a lasting tribute that preserves the bond you shared.

Cremation Urns for Couples: Designs & Themes

When it comes to choosing a cremation urn for couples, there are numerous options available that allow for personalization and the incorporation of meaningful symbols and themes. From engraving and artwork to popular themes, the design of a cremation urn can truly capture the essence of a couple’s bond and celebrate their unique lives.

Engraving and Artwork

Engraving and artwork can add a personal touch to a cremation urn, making it even more special and meaningful. Laser engraving is a popular option that allows for intricate designs and detailed text to be etched onto the surface of the urn.

Names, dates, and heartfelt messages can be engraved, creating a lasting tribute to the couple. Additionally, colorful artwork, such as landscapes or flowers, can be applied to the urn, adding a vibrant and personalized touch.

Some urns also offer the option to include photographs, further honoring the couple’s memories and highlighting their unique journey together.

Popular Themes

Choosing a theme for a cremation urn can help to personalize the tribute to the couple and reflect their shared passions and interests. Here are some of the most popular themes that can be incorporated into urn designs:

– Lighthouses: Symbolizing guidance and hope, lighthouses are a popular theme among couples who navigated through life together.

– Beach scenes: Reflecting a love for the ocean and the tranquility of sandy shores, beach scenes can evoke fond memories of vacations and relaxation. – Crosses: For couples with strong religious or spiritual beliefs, a cross can serve as a comforting symbol of faith and eternal love.

– Love birds: Representing the bond and affection between two people, love birds are a sweet and symbolic choice for a couple’s urn. – Cabin in the woods: For nature enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors, a cabin in the woods theme can bring back memories of cozy retreats and adventurous hikes.

– Entwined hearts: A classic symbol of love and unity, entwined hearts can beautifully represent the strong connection between a couple. – Double wedding rings: These interlocking rings are a powerful symbol of eternal love and commitment, making them a popular choice for couples.

– Dolphins: Often associated with grace, intelligence, and friendship, dolphins can represent the playful and joyful spirit of a couple. – Roses: The timeless elegance and beauty of roses make them a popular choice for couples who shared a love for the finer things in life.

– Fishing: For couples who enjoyed spending time together on the water, a fishing-themed urn can bring back memories of peaceful moments spent in nature. – Military: If one or both partners served in the military, an urn featuring military symbols can honor their dedication and service.

– Howling wolves: Often associated with loyalty and strength, howling wolf designs can be a meaningful representation of a couple’s fierce connection. – Sailing: Sailing-themed urns can evoke a sense of freedom and adventure, symbolizing the couple’s shared journey through life’s ups and downs.

Environmental Considerations

With an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, many individuals are choosing eco-friendly options for cremation urns. Traditional cremation can have a significant environmental impact, with emissions being released into the atmosphere.

However, there are alternative options available that can minimize this impact.

Biodegradable Options

Biodegradable urns offer an eco-friendly choice for couples who wish to have their ashes scattered or buried in a natural setting. One example is the Biodegradable Shell Companion Urn, which is made from recycled paper and features a biodegradable shell that holds the ashes securely.

These urns can be placed in water for a water burial, allowing the urn to dissolve over time and release the ashes into the ocean. Alternatively, they can be buried in the ground, where they will naturally decompose and reunite with the earth.

This option not only offers a sustainable choice but also allows for a meaningful and intimate final farewell in a natural setting. In conclusion, choosing a cremation urn for couples involves considering various design and theme options to create a personalized tribute that reflects their unique bond.

Engraving and artwork can add a personal touch, and there are numerous popular themes to choose from that symbolize love, passion, and shared interests. Additionally, for those seeking eco-friendly options, biodegradable urns provide a sustainable choice that allows for the scattering or burial of ashes in nature.

By carefully selecting a cremation urn that embodies the couple’s spirit and captures their memories, loved ones can create a lasting tribute that honors their shared journey. Affiliate Links and Website Support: How Users Can Help and Earn Commission

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