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Honoring Loved Ones: Meaningful Ways to Remember Them on Your Wedding Day

Remembering and including loved ones who are no longer with us on our wedding day is a beautiful way to honor their memory and keep them close in spirit. There are various ways to incorporate these meaningful tributes into your special day, whether through memorial tables, personalized signs, or the use of lanterns.

In this article, we will explore different ideas and options, highlighting how each can provide a heartfelt and memorable tribute to your loved ones.

Ways to Include and Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Memorial Tables

When it comes to remembering loved ones at your wedding, memorial tables are an elegant and meaningful way to create a dedicated space for them. Here are some wedding memorial table ideas that you can consider:


Display cherished photographs: Select photographs that capture beautiful memories of your loved ones and place them in elegant frames. Arrange them on the memorial table, allowing guests to reminisce and pay their respects.

2. Personalized plaques or candles: Consider having personalized plaques or candles made with the names of your loved ones inscribed upon them.

These can add a personal touch to the memorial table while serving as a meaningful reminder of their presence. 3.

Floral arrangements: Incorporate their favorite flowers into the table centerpiece. Not only will this add a touch of beauty, but it will also evoke fond memories of your loved ones.

Memorial Signs

Another way to remember your loved ones on your wedding day is through the use of memorial signs. These signs can be placed strategically throughout the venue and serve as a visual reminder of the special people who are no longer with you.

Consider the following ideas:

1. Wooden signs: Personalized wooden signs can be engraved with messages such as “In loving memory” or “Forever in our hearts.” These signs can be placed at the entrance, near the memorial table, or even at the ceremony site.

2. Hanging plaques: Hanging plaques with your loved ones’ names can be an elegant addition to your wedding decor.

These plaques can be hung on a branch or incorporated into a floral arrangement. 3.

Custom-made signs: For a unique touch, consider having custom-made signs created that reflect your loved ones’ personalities or interests. This could include hobbies, beloved quotes, or even lyrics from their favorite songs.

Wedding Memorial Ideas Using Lanterns

Lanterns as a Symbolic Tribute

Lanterns have long been associated with symbolism, making them a beautiful choice for honoring loved ones at your wedding. Here are a few ways to incorporate lanterns as a meaningful tribute:


Release lanterns into the sky: A lantern release can be a deeply moving and symbolic gesture. Guests can write messages to their loved ones on lanterns, and together, you can release them into the sky, watching as they float away, carrying their love and memories.

2. Lantern walkway: Create a magical path using lanterns to guide guests to the venue.

As they walk through this illuminated walkway, they will be reminded of the loving spirits who are with them in their hearts.

Personalized Lanterns and Glass Signs

Personalizing lanterns and glass signs is another creative way to include and remember loved ones. Consider the following ideas:


Personalized lanterns: Have lanterns personalized with the names or initials of your loved ones. These lanterns can be placed on the memorial table or used as centerpieces, creating a warm and intimate ambiance.

2. Glass signs: Custom-made glass signs can be engraved with special messages or even photographs of your loved ones.

These signs can be illuminated with candles or LED lights, creating a beautiful and sentimental visual display. Conclusion:

Incorporating tributes to loved ones who have passed away into your wedding day can bring comfort and warmth to both you and your guests.

Whether through memorial tables, personalized signs, or the use of lanterns, these heartfelt touches will ensure that their memory remains a vital part of your celebration. By incorporating these ideas, you can create a wedding that not only celebrates the love between you and your partner but also honors the love and memories shared with those who are forever in your hearts.

Including Photos of Loved Ones

Bouquet and Boutonniere Photos

Incorporating photos of your loved ones on your wedding day can be a heartfelt way to include them in your celebration. One creative idea is to attach small photo frames to your bouquet or boutonniere.

Here’s how you can execute this idea:

1. Bouquet photos: Choose small locket-style photo frames that can be easily attached to the stems of your bouquet.

Place pictures of your loved ones inside the frames, ensuring their images are visible and facing outward. As you walk down the aisle, you’ll carry their presence with you, keeping them close on this special day.

2. Boutonniere photos: For the groom and other members of the wedding party, consider incorporating small photo frames into their boutonnieres.

Attach the frames securely to the lapel, and make sure the photos of their loved ones are prominently displayed. This small yet powerful gesture will ensure your loved ones are remembered and honored throughout the day.

DIY Memorial Photo Quilt and Wall

Creating a DIY memorial photo quilt or wall can be a touching way to remember your loved ones at your wedding. Here’s how you can make these personalized tributes:


Memorial photo quilt: Collect various photos of your loved ones, ensuring they are of similar size and placed in square photo frames. Sew these framed photos together, creating a quilt-like pattern.

Once completed, you can use this personalized memorial photo quilt as a backdrop during the ceremony or display it on a designated wall. Not only will it be a beautiful visual display, but it will also be a heartfelt reminder of the love and memories shared with your departed loved ones.

2. Memorial photo wall: If you prefer a more temporary display, consider creating a memorial photo wall.

Use adhesive hooks to hang framed photos of your loved ones on a designated wall at the venue. Personalize the display with flowers or ribbons, creating an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

This memorial photo wall will serve as a focal point, allowing your guests to reflect and offer their own silent tributes.

Reserved Memorial Chair

Using a Favorite or Symbolic Chair

Reserving a special chair in honor of your loved ones is an impactful way to include them in your wedding day. Consider using a favorite chair or a chair that holds symbolic meaning to your loved ones.

Here’s how you can execute this idea:

1. Favorite chair: If your loved one had a favorite chair, such as an armchair or a rocking chair, consider placing it at the ceremony or reception venue.

Adorn it with flowers or a personalized sign to indicate its significance. This thoughtful tribute will create a visual representation of their presence, as if they were physically present to celebrate with you.

2. Symbolic chair: Alternatively, you can use a chair that holds symbolic meaning in your loved one’s memory.

For example, if your loved one always sat at the head of the table during holiday gatherings, you can reserve a chair at your reception with a special sign indicating its purpose. This symbolic gesture will bring a comforting presence to your celebration, ensuring your loved one holds a special place in your hearts.

Reserved Chair Signs

To further emphasize the significance of the reserved memorial chair, consider creating special signs to indicate its purpose. Here are some ideas for reserved chair signs:


Reserved chair sign: Create a simple yet elegant sign that reads “Reserved” to designate the chair as a special place for your loved one’s memory. You can include their name or a short message beneath the reserved sign to add a personal touch.

2. Memorial chair sign: Personalize the sign to reflect the personality or hobbies of your loved one.

For example, if they were an avid reader, you can design a sign that incorporates books or literary elements. This personalized touch will add a unique and meaningful tribute to your loved one’s memory.

Incorporating reserved chair signs will ensure that everyone in attendance understands the significance of the empty seat and the love being held within each memory. It will also allow your guests to pay their respects and partake in honoring the memory of your loved one.

In conclusion, including photos of loved ones and reserving special chairs provide powerful ways to remember and honor those who are no longer physically with us on our wedding day. Whether through bouquet and boutonniere photos, DIY memorial photo quilts or walls, or the use of symbolic and favorite chairs, these ideas allow their presence to be felt and their memory cherished.

By incorporating these personal touches, your wedding will become a meaningful celebration of love and remembrance, offering solace and comfort to both you and your guests.

Wedding Memorial Poems and Toasts

Including Poems in Wedding Programs

Including poems in your wedding programs can be a meaningful way to honor and remember your loved ones. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate wedding memorial poems into your programs:


Program note: Begin your program with a heartfelt note explaining the significance of the poems and their connection to your departed loved ones. You can share a brief anecdote about each person and how they have influenced your life.

This introduction will set the tone for the rest of the program and allow your guests to understand the deeper meaning behind the chosen poems. 2.

Selecting the poems: Choose poems that reflect the personality, values, or cherished memories of your loved ones. Consider their favorite authors, poems, or even write your own personalized poem.

Look for poems that capture the essence of their spirit and the impact they had on your life. Make sure to choose poems that resonate with you and evoke strong emotions.

3. Placement in the program: Place the poems strategically throughout the program, ensuring they flow naturally with the rest of the content.

You can dedicate a separate page to each poem or interweave them with other elements of the program. Whatever you decide, make sure the layout is visually appealing and easy to read.

Toast Examples and Tips

Toasts are a cherished tradition at weddings and provide a perfect opportunity to remember and honor your loved ones. Here are some examples and tips to help you create memorable wedding memorial toasts:


Incorporating memories: Begin your toast by sharing a special memory or anecdote about your departed loved ones. This can be a heartfelt story that encapsulates their essence or showcases the impact they had on your life.

By sharing these memories with your guests, you bring your loved ones into the present moment and allow everyone to celebrate their lives with you. 2.

Expressing gratitude: Take a moment to express your gratitude for the love and support your loved ones provided throughout your life. Acknowledge the lessons they taught you, the guidance they offered, and the memories they left behind.

This expression of gratitude will touch the hearts of your wedding guests and create a meaningful tribute to your loved ones. 3.

Toasting with their favorite drink: Consider toasting with your loved one’s favorite drink as a way to include them in the festivities. Whether it’s a favorite cocktail, wine, or even a non-alcoholic beverage, this small yet significant gesture will honor their memory and allow them to be a part of the celebration.

4. Inviting others to share: Throughout your speech, you can invite others to raise their glasses and share their own memories or thoughts about your loved ones.

This inclusive approach allows everyone to participate, strengthening the sense of community and connection as you remember and celebrate those who are no longer physically present.

Incorporating Special Memories and Items

Favorite Colors and Personal Items

Incorporating your loved one’s favorite colors or personal items into your wedding day is a beautiful way to honor their memory. Here’s how you can do it:


Color scheme: Include their favorite color in your wedding color scheme. Whether it’s through the bridesmaids’ dresses, the decor, or the flowers, incorporating their preferred color will create a meaningful connection between your loved ones and your special day.

This subtle tribute will remind you and your guests of their presence and the impact they had on your life. 2.

Personal items: Consider using personal items that belonged to your loved ones as part of your wedding day. For example, you can wear a piece of jewelry that once belonged to them or incorporate a cherished item into your bouquet.

These small touches will not only honor your loved ones but also bring a sense of comfort and connection on your wedding day.

Special Dances and Recipes

Including special dances and favorite recipes in your wedding celebration is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones. Here’s how you can incorporate these meaningful elements:


Special dance: Choose a special dance to honor your loved ones during the reception. This could be a dance with a parent, sibling, or close friend who would have been the natural choice for this moment.

Alternatively, you can create a slideshow or montage of photos while a favorite song of your loved one plays in the background. This dance or visual tribute will create a poignant moment of remembrance.

2. Favorite recipe: Incorporate your loved one’s favorite recipe into your menu or as a special addition to the dessert table.

This can be a treasured family recipe passed down through generations or a dish that holds significant memories. Sharing these favorite dishes with your wedding guests is not only a delicious way to remember your loved ones but also a way to pass on their legacy and keep their spirit alive.

Incorporating these special memories and items into your wedding day will create a lasting tribute to your loved ones. By including their favorite colors, personal items, special dances, and recipes, you infuse your celebration with their presence and ensure that their memory is cherished by all in attendance.

These meaningful touches will make your wedding day even more memorable, filled with love, and a true reflection of the lives that have touched yours.

Using Wedding Favors as Memorials

Personalized Cigar Bands

Personalized cigar bands can be a unique and meaningful wedding favor that also serves as a memorial tribute to your loved ones. Here’s how you can incorporate personalized cigar bands into your wedding:


Personalized designs: Create custom cigar bands that feature the names of your loved ones, their birth and passing dates, or even their favorite quotes. These personalized designs can be printed on adhesive labels that can easily be wrapped around the cigars.

This thoughtful gesture will ensure that your loved ones are remembered and celebrated as your guests enjoy the cigars. 2.

Inclusion in a memorial table or display: If you have a memorial table or display at your wedding, you can include the personalized cigars with the bands. Arrange them neatly on the table, alongside photographs and other mementos of your loved ones.

This will create a cohesive and meaningful tribute that guests can admire and partake in.

Planting Seeds and Photograph Candles

Another beautiful way to incorporate memorials into your wedding favors is by using seeds and photograph candles. Here’s how you can use these elements as meaningful tributes:


Memorial seeds: Choose seeds of flowers, plants, or trees that hold significance to your loved ones. Package these seeds in personalized envelopes or small jars, along with a note explaining their symbolic meaning.

Encourage your guests to plant the seeds as a way to remember your loved ones and watch them grow over time, just like the memories of your loved ones continue to blossom. 2.

Photograph candles: Create personalized candles featuring photographs of your departed loved ones. These candles can be displayed at each guest’s place setting or packaged as individual favors.

As the candles are lit, the photographs will illuminate, casting a warm glow in honor of your loved ones. This thoughtful gesture will provide a visual reminder of their presence throughout the celebration.

Puzzle Pieces as Memorial Tokens

Creating a Custom Puzzle

Using puzzle pieces as memorial tokens allows your guests to participate in creating a lasting memory. Here’s how you can create a custom puzzle for your wedding:


Choose a meaningful image: Select a photograph that represents your departed loved ones or a significant memory shared with them. This photograph will be the centerpiece of your puzzle.

Ensure that it has good resolution and can be easily divided into puzzle pieces. 2.

Personalization options: Consider personalizing the puzzle pieces by adding the names or initials of your loved ones onto each piece. This will create an intimate connection between your guests and your departed loved ones as they assemble the puzzle.

3. Display and assembly: Set up a designated area at your wedding venue where guests can assemble the puzzle.

Provide a table or an easel with the puzzle pieces and a framed copy of the completed image. This will not only act as a visually captivating display but also encourage your guests to take part in creating a beautiful memory.

Symbolism and Guest Remembrance

Using puzzle pieces as memorial tokens carries a powerful symbolism and allows your guests to take a piece of the memory with them. Here’s how you can emphasize the significance and create a lasting remembrance for your guests:


Guest keepsake: As your guests assemble the puzzle, invite them to keep a puzzle piece as a memento. Encourage them to choose a piece that resonates with them or reminds them of a personal connection to your loved ones.

These puzzle pieces will serve as cherished keepsakes, reminding your guests of the love and memories shared on your special day. 2.

Guestbook alternative: Replace the traditional guestbook with a puzzle-themed alternative. Place a blank puzzle board or template at the entrance or in a prominent location, along with markers or pens for guests to sign and leave messages.

As the puzzle is completed and displayed, the messages and signatures will serve as a beautiful testament to the love and support surrounding you on your wedding day. Incorporating puzzle pieces as memorial tokens invites your guests to participate in the celebration and create a lasting memory together.

By customizing the puzzle, displaying it, and encouraging your guests to assemble and keep a piece, you create a meaningful and interactive tribute to your loved ones. This unique approach will ensure that your wedding is not only a celebration of love but also a beautiful remembrance of those who hold a special place in your hearts.

Incorporating meaningful tributes and remembrances of loved ones into your wedding day is a powerful and heartfelt way to honor their memory and keep them close in spirit. Through memorial tables, personalized signs, lanterns, photos, reserved chairs, wedding favors, and puzzle pieces, you can create a celebration that not only celebrates your love but also pays tribute to the lives that have touched yours.

These thoughtful touches allow your loved ones to be a part of your special day and provide comfort and solace to both you and your guests. Remember, by incorporating these meaningful elements, you create an everlasting connection between the past, present, and future, ensuring that the love and memories of your departed loved ones continue to shine brightly in your hearts.

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